How Much CBD to Take for Autoimmune Disease

how much cbd to take for autoimmune disease

Written by Nathan Hind

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September 25, 2021

Autoimmune disease refers to a variety of disorders in which the body’s immune system attacks itself. When the body suffers from an autoimmune illness, the immune system mistakenly believes that healthy tissue is attacking or made up of invaders, causing organ and tissue damage all over the body. Even though autoimmune illnesses can be fatal, there are natural remedies that can help, and if CBD can help or not? How much CBD to take for autoimmune disease?

As the incidence of autoimmunity grows, so does the quantity of anecdotal data from people who claim to have used cannabis for medical or recreational purposes to help them manage their autoimmune symptoms. With fast advances in our understanding of cannabinoids and how they work with cannabinoid receptors in the immune system, there is an increasing body of clinical data to back up these claims.

Is CBD Good for Autoimmune Disease?

ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and other inflammatory illnesses may benefit from cannabis therapy. 

Some of these diseases are associated with persistent pain, inflammation, and spasms, which the plant may help to alleviate. Due to federal regulations, there has been limited particular research on cannabis therapy for AI.

In autoimmune disease models, CBD has been discovered to regulate the immune system. CBD also reduces the risk of future autoimmune flare-ups by suppressing immune system memory and slowing T-cell synthesis. 

Furthermore, CBD has been shown to enhance the production of genes that protect cells from oxidative stress, decreasing cell damage caused by autoimmune assaults. CBD, unlike THC, does not need a large dosage.

Does CBD Help with Autoimmune Disease?

Cannabis is a biphasic botanical medicine that can help to restore balance to the body in a variety of ways. According to current studies, cannabis treatments may aid with autoimmune illness in three ways: immune system regulation, reducing overall inflammation, and assisting the digestive system.

Does cbd Help with Autoimmune Disease

How Much CBD to Take For Autoimmune Disease 

Cannabis and other adaptogenic herbs have been shown to modulate the immune system. They function as a regulatory tool, restoring equilibrium to an immune system that has overreacted or under-reacted.

 The distinction between “immune modifying” and “immune-boosting,” on the other hand, can be difficult to discern. It is commonly assumed that someone with autoimmunity would not want to take anything that strengthens their immune system, however, this is not the case.

But Many patients who attempt immunosuppressive drugs end up abandoning them owing to negative side effects, according to a cannabis-friendly doctor in Southern California. Patients with autoimmune illnesses, in her experience, prefer comprehensive therapy alternatives.

CBD tinctures are a convenient method to consume cannabidiol. These medicines are administered sublingually, a strategy that has shown to be beneficial when rapid action is required.

Droppers are also included in cannabidiol tinctures, allowing for precise and simple dosage.

Another simple approach to getting CBD is to use a vape device to inhale the chemical. However, not everyone will get along with it.

Can CBD Help With Autoimmune Disease

Some preclinical research has been done on the role of certain cannabinoids in AI illness models. CBD has been discovered to regulate rather than inhibit the immune system. CBD also inhibits T-cell generation and lowers immune system memory, which means it may reduce the probability of subsequent autoimmune episodes. 

CBD has also been shown to enhance the expression of genes involved in oxidative stress, which may help to decrease cell damage caused by autoimmune assaults. THC, on the other hand, is only immunosuppressive at extremely high dosages.

 It can be used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory in low dosages. Its capacity to activate CB2 receptors may inhibit T cell function and reduce the negative consequences of immunization.

How Much CBD to Take for Autoimmune Disease in Dogs

If you’ve ever known someone with an autoimmune disease, you know how tough it can be to manage. The same may be said about our dogs. Autoimmune disorders are tough to control, but thankfully, we have discovered a solution. Canine lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, and immune-related arthritis are just a few of the autoimmune diseases that CBD can assist with.

How Much CBD to Take For Autoimmune Disease  in dogs

Benefits of CBD for Autoimmune Diseases 

CBD can help in this matter of autoimmune diseases in quite a few ways. For example-

  • CBD may be beneficial in the treatment of autoimmune disorders.
  • By targeting several anti-inflammatory pathways, cannabidiol was found to reduce the severity of an animal model of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune illness
  • Many of the research, however, used animal subjects. To evaluate 
  • CBD’s efficacy in treating various diseases, further human trials are needed.

Immunity System and CBD

The immune system is a complex balancing act, and more research is needed to better comprehend its working processes. For someone with an autoimmune disease, herbs and foods that act to regulate the immune system are excellent.

For someone with an autoimmune disease, herbs and foods that act to regulate the immune system are excellent. Cannabis therapy and dietary modifications appear to be safer, less expensive, and perhaps more successful than pharmaceutical medicines in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Immune modulation is known to occur with cannabis and other adaptogenic drugs. They work as a balancing agent, restoring equilibrium to an immune system that has been over-or under-reacting. The distinction between “immune regulating” and “immune-boosting” may be difficult to discern.

 It is commonly assumed that someone suffering from autoimmunity would not want to take anything that strengthens their immune system, although this is a topic of dispute among practitioners.

CBD with Other Medicines

CBD has been shown to interact with a variety of medicines. Because it works in the same way as grapefruit juice, any drug with a grapefruit warning label should be avoided when used with CBD oil. 

The cytochrome p450 system, a set of enzymes that metabolize active components in medicines, is inhibited by CBD. When CBD is combined with other drugs, it might have a subtherapeutic effect or, on the other hand, substance toxicity, neither of which is beneficial for your health.

CBD with Other  Medicines

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Due to its complexity, autoimmunity may be a difficult issue that necessitates a diverse approach. Hopefully, you’ll be able to treat your symptoms and manage your illness using a comprehensive approach. An autoimmune illness places a lot of strain on the patient, but it may also be a time to reconnect with your body.

In addition to CBD oil intake, you may boost your immune system from a variety of angles by incorporating lifestyle modifications such as a nutrient-dense diet, exercise, adequate sleep, herbal medication, and probiotics.

More study on CBD and autoimmune diseases is needed to validate the preliminary findings, but what we’ve learned so far is highly encouraging. To avoid any harmful interactions with your medicines and to determine the proper dosage, we recommend consulting a doctor before purchasing any CBD product and knowing how much CBD to take for autoimmune disease.

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