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Get the sleep you deserve with cbdMD’s premier CBD sleep aid in a convenient sleep aid pill. We’ve crafted a softgel version of our award-winning sleep formula of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts and melatonin with calming herbs so you have the right solution for every need. Available in three varying concentrations: 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg of CBD per bottle. Now with additional levels of CBN for aided relaxation, this sleep aid offers 40 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBN per serving in the 1500 mg bottles. When you’re getting your best sleep, you’re living your best life!

  • Made with broad spectrum hemp extract with supportive cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN) and select terpenes
  • Available in 30-count bottles with 500 mg and 1500 mg of CBD; also available in 60-count bottle with 1000 mg of CBD
  • Includes Melatonin and naturally relaxing herbs such as Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, and more
  • Fortified with Vitamin E
  • Flavorless and easy to swallow

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Product Details

With CBD PM softgels, our sleep aid pills, we take the best that nature has to offer and blend it with scientific precision. Our Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract formula comes from non-GMO hemp grown right here in the USA, and is extracted and rigorously tested to ensure that we’ve got all the best stuff from the plant – and nothing you don’t want. Every batch is then tested by an independent, ISO-certified lab whose results you can look up right here on our website.

We bring that same rigorous approach to everything else in our CBD for sleep. We’ve drawn from herbs around the world that traditional cultures have used to relax, and combined them with melatonin, a hormone your body naturally produces. All of this in a precisely measured amount in each softgel makes it the perfect sleep aid. We combine all of these ingredients with the premium benefits of CBD into one easy-to-use product so you can enjoy better sleep.

13 reviews for CBD PM Softgel Capsules

  1. Sam

    Effective at helping wife feel recharged I gifted this to my wife who tosses and turns all night, and has anxiety. She’s taken it twice now, and both nights have woken up rested and relaxed. They helped her fall asleep quickly, and even helped her fall back asleep fast after waking up in the middle of the night the second time she took it. She even told me it helped her wake up so refreshed

  2. Jazz

    Far Out.
    After working the graveyard shift I kept waking up off and on getting little sleep. I get a full night’s rest uninterrupted and wake up feeling good. Highly recommend.

  3. Kasper

    I pop these like candy… TAKE as recommended. Ever since the pandemic of 2020 started. I love how not only does cbdpm soft gels help me achieve a bliss 8-hour pure sleep. I wake up with no anxiety, am energetic, and do not feel cranky. Thanks to CBDMD my favorite brand that works!

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